Quonset Hut Kits are the ideal choice for anyone looking to add an extra useful building to their property. They are the best places for storage, retail outlets, workshops and even a good enough place to live and relax in. At present, there are a number of Quonset Hut Kits available in the market. Their main advantages are:

  • They cost lesser, having a minimum rate of $5/ sq. ft.
  • The basic construction is very easy and simple and can be done by the customer himself.
  • The huts don’t have to be painted or roofed separately. Everything comes in a package.
  • A single model can be used for many different purposes, be it commercial, retail, industrial or personal.
  • The basic design is the same for all huts and it easily fits together in any setting.
  • There are a number of different designs and styles available even for Quonset Hut Kits. One can choose a simple design or even a custom design having personally chosen colors and styles.
  • As the basic structure is one whole piece, there are no columns or posts that support the roof or body from inside. This gives the hut an increased interior space than any other building of the same size.
  • Although it has no internal support, the buildings are quite strong and can resist drastic changes in weather conditions. The corrugated steel body is enough to hold against hail and hurricane.

More about Quonset Hut Kits

Sometimes, Quonset huts have rounded sides. So there are certain problems in storing some items and the sides tend to remain vacant. Usually in Quonset hut kits, the actual structures have straight walls on its side. This enables the owner to use the sides for any kind of storage. This results in leaving no place vacant.

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Stran-Steel Quonset Hut

The main advantages of having a Quonset hut is evident from the points mentioned earlier, but there is one certain advantage that makes it much better than any other add-on building. A Quonset hut kit does not need a professional contractor to put up. One can easily do it by themselves. There are detailed instructions given and the basic layout of the structure is extremely easy to follow and build. The only things needed are a friend, who can help just to hold some things and a socket wrench.

Moreover, almost 75% of the people who purchase Quonset Hut kits doesn’t employ professionals to construct them. One doesn’t need any special tools to construct these. This not only makes the whole process easier, but also reduces the ultimate costing by a huge percentage.

Initially one needs to order the product. Once it reaches the site, it is ready for construction. Building kits having arch type roofs are made up with light-weight material, and they also include some bolts, 40-pound panels, customized fasteners and detailed instructions, which can be followed even by a beginner , who has never had any experience in constructing.

Price list

The various types of Quonset Hut kits available are:

Single Car Quonset Garage Kit12ft x12ft, 144 sq. ft$5,200
Double Car Garage Kit24ft x 24ft, 576 sq. ft$7,900
Storage Building Quonset Kit30ft x 24ft, 720 sq. ft$11,900
RV Garage Kit40ft x 20ft, 800 sq. ft$12,200
Small Storage Building30ft x 30ft, 900 sq. ft$12,600
Medium Storage Building30ft x 40ft, 1200 sq ft$13,000
Large Storage Building40ft x 60ft, 2400 sq ft$23,000

All these are the basic types of Quonset Hut Kits that are available in the market. Still, people can order customized sets for and that will have special costings.