Quonset huts known widely for its semi-sphere looks are nowadays getting much familiar with the commercial and residential owners. As it is also very environment friendly as is totally safe, the spacious hut gives a lot of room for great architectural ideas and also for interior designs. It is much cheaper and very durable; it can be widely used as a warehouse for goods. There are 3 other types of styles that can be widely used to the differences and its uniqueness; it is called as A-model, Q-model and S-model that depicts the look of the hut.

Top 3 Quonset hut Types

There are 3 types of huts, the A-model that looks like the alphabet “A” with erect walls in the sides and bent across to a triangle finish. This makes up A-model Quonset Hut architecture. The Q-model is a hemisphere with a small entrance that would look like the alphabet “Q” drilled down to half its level in the given space. The S-model is the common Quonset hut; it looks like a cut alphabet “S”, that’s the reason behind the name. Other 2 models are just a small difference made to the normal “S-model”.

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A-Model (P-Model)


A-model also known as the P-model which is the full form of Panel model is known to have straight walls and a roof is of a gable structure. This is model can be widely used in the industry for a workshop. For the companies that Manufacture automobile or manufacturing products, this model can be used for a garage type. It is widely used in colleges for all types of mechanical laboratory set up. The steel is durable and also economical. Very quick to assemble and well known to keep up from natural calamities as well.




Among the other types, the Q-model is less expensive and provides good strength. The width of this type of model falls between 20’ to 100’. This type of Quonset hut is ideal to be built for a versatile look. It can be built for retail stores, skating rinks, any kind of stadium and mostly for a paintball gaming area. The design is very efficient and required very less labor to fit it. This reduces The Cost incurred in a good amount. This model is mostly manufactured in U.S.A at a wide usage for stylish buildings.




Looks like an igloo when it’s seen during winter; it’s the best form of model ideal for places which witness heavy rain and snow. This curved arch roof helps in shedding away the rain water and snow easily without stalking on the roof. It has high sidewalls which give more vertical and floor space, for most of the manufacturing companies, commercial usage and also for industry related companies it looks very compatible. The range of height can be adjusted according to the requirements. The durability it provides makes it the best one for usage; it can be customized according to the user which makes it favorable.