quonset-house-smallQuonset hut is metallic housing which is first used by the British militant during the First World War. The shape of the hose is quite semicircular. Steel is the key material of Quonset hut. So when one purchases it, he or she just has to decide where he/ she wants to set the Quonset hut up. If buyers want wooden floor they can arrange it, if they want concrete floor they make it, even Quonset hut can be put on the ground also.

The History of the Product

Quonset hut was first planned by the British. During the First World War British military felt they required temporary housing for their soldiers. So that time they designed Quonset hut especially for the British soldiers. But while second word war started American army also realized that something semi-permanent shelters were needed for their battalions. That time George A. Fuller, one of the famous American architects, prepared Quonset hut. He had manufactured it only for the American soldier. After that Quonset huts were designed and manufactured by the private contractors and manufactures across the world.

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The normal size of the Quonset hut was 16 ft × 36 ft (5 m × 11 m), and the radius of the hut was almost 8 ft (2.4 m). The two sides of the Quonset hut were made of wavy steel sheet. Plywood was used to cover up the two ends. Doors and windows were mainly made of cardboard. Pressed wood was used inside the Quonset hut. Inner side of the Quonset hut was insulated.

British military and American military mainly used the Quonset hut as per their requirements. They set up it for housing, or bakeries, latrines, barracks, medical camp etc.

During the Second World War approximately 150,000 to 170,000 Quonset huts were produced by the manufactures for the soldiers. But there were a lot of Quonset huts which were not sold. So then they decided to sell their excess Quonset huts to the common people, so that they could use it. That time people used Quonset hut as outbuildings. They had utilized it as barn, garage, shed, or used as outhouse also.

There are a few Quonset huts which are still used as military base camp. Near the Korean DMZ, Cloudland and Casey are situated where still now Quonset huts are used. Pohakuloa Training Area is located on big island of Hawaii where the Quonset huts are used for training.

quonset huts for army

In United States, there are a lot of places where postwar Quonset huts are being used in different ways. In Los Angeles city which is situated in Southern California, where Rodger Young Village is located. After the Second World War Rodger Young Village was selected for public housing project, that time Quonset huts were supplied here for semi-permanent residents. Quonset Village of Michigan State University where Quonset huts are utilized by the local people.

It is true that the Quonset huts are especially manufactured for the army, but in the post-world War period, Quonset buildings are used in different sectors by the common people. Though there are a few Quonset huts those are used in World War, are displayed in the museum so that the visitors can witness it.