Quonset hut is a prefabricated structure which is made of steel. Generally the shape of the Quonset hut is half cylindrical. The design of the Quonset hut is based on Nissen hut.  Quonset hut can be used in different ways and can meet your many purposes. Basically this hut is utilized in army camp, industrial zone, temporary housing purpose etc.

It was developed during the First World War period but in modern age, Quonset huts are redesigned and remodeled so that it can fulfill the requirements of general people.

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In this writing we are going to explore five unknown facts about the Quonset hut .

1) History of the Quonset Hut

During the world war, George A. Fuller’s manufacturer company had designed and produced Quonset hut for the American soldiers. Within 2 months George was able to produce his first creation.  George had made Quonset hut’s structure with steel sheet.  5 m × 11 m (16 ft. × 36 ft.) was the size of hut with 2.4 m (8 ft.) radius. Two ends of the hut had covered with ply board. Generally the doors and the windows were placed on the plywood.  While world war had started, ground battalion and navy were looking for some semi-permanent shelters where the soldiers could stay and took rest. Apart from semi-permanent housing, Quonset huts were used as military camp, office, store room, health center etc.

history of quonset huts

2) Shape and Design

Arch Building is the popular name of Quonset hut, because of its semi cylindrical shape. It has two vertical walls and top of the building is semicircular. This particular shape is the most advantageous feature of this hut.

During the word war time, Quonset hut was made of galvanized steel. Earlier metallic Quonset huts were only available in the market. But now you can get a lot of options. Now manufactures have started redesigned and remodeled the Quonset huts. They use different types of metal in order to produce the hut.  High quality steel sheets, middle class steel sheets are used for making Quonset huts.  Actually the roof of the Quonset hut is semicircular, and as the roof is bit fragile, so they are trying to make the hut lighter to avoid any mishap.

3) Types of the Hut

There is a number of Quonset huts, so buyers can choice it in accordance with their preference.

  • T-Ribx Quonset hut: T-Ribx Quonset hut was designed in the time of First World War time. Its design was mainly inspired by the Nissen hut. But the wall of this hut was quite different from Nissen hut. Size of the hut was 16′ x 36′ and 16′ x 20′.
  • Quonset Redesign: Quonset Redesign is the modified version of Quonset hut. It contains 4-foot vertical sidewalls. It is manufactured by George A. Fuller. 16′ x 36′ and 24′ x 60′ is the size of modified Quonset Redesign hut.
  • Stran-Steel Quonset Hut: 20′ x 48′ and 20′ x 56′ is the magnitude of the Stran-Steel Quonset Hut. In the year 1943 this model had been arrived in the market.
  • Jamesway Hut: This hut was especially customized for the wintry weather. Wooden ribs are the unique feature of this hut. James Manufacturing Company of Fort Atkinson has designed and manufactured it. 16′ x 32′ is the size of the hut.
  • Portaseal Hut:  The structure of this hut is Quonset-type but it is Canadian style of Quonset hut. Mainly it is made of ply wood and wood. 16′-2′ x 37-0′ is the avarage size of this hut.
  • Pacific Hut: Triangular Ridge line vent cover is the most distinctive feature of pacific hut and for that sign pacific hut is easily identifiable. Waterproof cover with 18′-6″ x 37′-4″ size is pacific hut is very well known.
  • Emkay Hut: Emkay Hut was formed by the Morrison-Knudsen Company. They produced it for the military camp. 20′ x 48′ is the size of Emkay Hut.
  • Armco Hut: Armco Hut was designed and developed by the Armco International Corporation.  During the Second World War Armco Corporation was decided to make semi temporary shelters, iron bunkers for the army. 20′ x 50′ was the range of the hut.
  • Butler Hut: Butler Hut is made of steel sheet. Butler Manufacturing Company of Kansas City, Missouri first manufactured Butler Hut. 16′ x 48′ was the normal size of the Butler Hut.
  • Cowin Hut: Cowin and Company, Inc. manufactured this hut for the Air force. “Steeldromes” is the popular name of cowin hut. Magnitude of this hut is 36′ x 60′.
  • Multiple Utility Building: This hut is used in multiple purposes. Even length and wide can be stretched and expanded in both directions.

4) Quality of the Quonset Hut

While buyers purchase Quonset hut, they have to keep a few things in their mind. Metal Quonset hut is the best option for the buyers as it is durable and the life of the metallic Quonset hut is better than others. Always try to purchase the hut from well-known manufacturers or branded company, So that you do not have to face any unethical incidents or dishonesty. Before set it up, buyers always need to verify its quality of bolts and purlins.  At the same time you need to check the whole package and guarantee scheme, because once it set up, it would be difficult for the buyers to change the whole kit. So you should have made it sure that everything would be appropriate and suitable as per your requirement.

5) Benefits of the product

Once you buy a Quonset hut, it will fulfill your need and serves as per your purpose. Being owner of Quonset hut, you would be benefited in multiple ways. As it is metallic enclosure, naturally it is safe and long lasting hut and rust proof product. Apart from that, the whole kit is very easy to assemble. There is no need of routine maintenance. Therefore maintenance cost is very low. Its green technology and Iron-clad security is best part of this hut. You can use it in different ways in different purposes. Its reasonable price and long lasting features make Quonset hut more handy and useful.

Though Quonset hut is prepared during war time, but still it is very useful product.  Multipurpose application is the prime reason for Quonset hut’s popularity.