Quonset hut

Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

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Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

Quonset hut homes

What are the Different Styles of Quonset Hut Homes

Quonset hut homes unique aesthetics and ease of assembly make them a popular choice for many do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. During the World War I, these arch-shaped buildings were the preferred accommodation of American and British soldiers as they are more comfortable than tents, easier to ship and quick to build. Hundreds of thousands of this kind of buildings were manufactured during the war and the excess units were sold to the public.

Quonset hut

Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

For Agricultural & Business Applications, Select Commercial To Begin.

Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

Quonset huts are prefabricated steel structures that have semi-circular designs and are lightweight. They are mostly used as garages and are commonly found in commercial settings. In some cases, they too are used for residential purposes.

For many decades until today, Quonset huts which require no skilled labor to erect serve as a fashionable living space and a perfect solution for housing needs as they are economical and known to keep up from natural calamities. In fact, they were originally developed as a solution to extreme weather conditions due to their inherent durability and longevity. Quonset hut homes are able to withstand heavy winds, snow loads, blizzards, hurricanes and even earthquakes.

Two common styles

Quonset Hut HouseQuonset hut homes are commonly manufactured in two styles – the ‘P’ and the ‘S’ models.

The ‘P’ model, or also sometimes known as the ‘A’ model has straight walls and pitched roof that makes it look more traditional than other Quonset huts. Other than Quonset hut homes, this style is also common in building garage and workshop.

The ‘S’ model has a stronger design than the ‘P’ model. It looks like an igloo and features straight sidewalls and a domed roof which are perfect in areas with heavy wind and snow. Its curved arch roof sheds away rain water and snow without the need to stalk on the roof. Its high sidewalls, meanwhile, provide more vertical and floor space. The round shape of the roof and its angular sides enables air to quickly pass over the structure, and hence, reduces the risk of structural leaning and wind damage.

Unlike the ‘P’ model, the range of height can be adjusted according to your requirements. It is also a preferred choice for barns and workshops as it is more easily tailored than the previous model.

Both models can be made from galvanized iron or lightweight corrugated steel. They are excellent choices for residential purposes because of their straight sides that provide optimum livable space. Moreover, they can be easily customized to suit your aesthetic requirements. Their end walls can be tailored depending on your preference. They can be fitted with windows.

Both models can be insulated and are capable of accommodating a mezzanine-type second floor for larger Quonset hut homes measuring more than 30 feet wide. Their roof structures can also be easily fitted with skylight panels if you wish an extra natural light. Both models are highly versatile as they can be manufactured in any size. Their open layout enables homeowners to maximize the space. Floor plans of most Quonset hut homes are wide open while walls or formal rooms are absent.

The classic ‘Q’ model, which has a distinct feature of having no beams, poles, and obstructions, is rarely used for residential purposes. It is perfect for other applications such as storage, garage, retail outlet, distribution centers and airplane hangars. Among the tree styles of arch buildings, the ‘Q’ model is the strongest.

T-Rib Quonset hut homes

Quonset Hut HouseThe designs of Quonset hut homes have evolved since it was introduced in 1941 by an engineering team at Quonset Point Naval Air Station in Rhode Island, from which its name was derived. Apart from doors and windows, the original, or T-Rib, Quonset hut home has a frame which was made out several pieces of curved steel ribs; a tongue-and-groove plywood floor measuring one-inch, wood fiber insulation, and chimney. It was modeled closely from WWI Nissen hut.

The only difference is that the interior wallboards of T-Rib Quonset are made up of Masonite, while its exterior is consist of corrugated metal panels lapped and mounted to wood purlins. It also has a core layer of paper insulation. Nissen hut meanwhile has a more complex system of corrugated metals in both its interior and exterior. More than 8,000 T-Rib Quonset huts were produced during the war and were first used during the winter season.

After which, different companies have made their own versions and designed them based on special needs. Some built a Quonset Hut home that saves up steel resources, while others were intended to meet storage ordinance. Others are designed for quick assembly.

After the war, many Quonset huts were transformed into temporary spaces on college campuses while the government finds it a solution to meet postwar building demands. A modified Quonset Hut was introduced with four-feet vertical sidewalls and was assembled in two sections, instead of three. With such a design, the erection time was further reduced and fewer fasteners were required. It was 35% lighter to ship 60% cheaper to produce.

The modification of Quonset huts didn’t stop there. A major redesign took place in 1943. The new hut’s footprint was expanded to 20’ x 48’ and reverted back to the full arch rib. While it was a bigger building than the original 16’ x 36’ hut, it was lighter and maximized shipping space better.

Quonset Hut DesignModern Quonset hut homes can include straight custom built walls while its interior can be finished with stucco or brick. Most of them also have foil insulation to make them energy efficient.

Quonset hut homes are increasingly becoming popular nowadays because of their many advantages and are architecturally interesting. It is important to note though that there are also disadvantages. Quonset hut homes have typically 30 years warranty but there are special conditions to meet. 

Moreover, they are not engineer stamped for your area, and hence there’s a risk of putting the building at risk of loads and seismic conditions. They can hold up to tornadoes, hurricane winds, and earthquakes.
If you want to save, you may try to find a used Quonset hut and re-purpose it as a home.

Quonset Hut Buildings come in several types. They all have the same DIY bolt together building design. They also have several building profiles available to select form. Each profile is for different construction situations. Remember to ask your supplier about the best profiel/model to fit your needs considering each on has its own benefits.

Design, Size & Application Options:

A/P ModelP ModelGarage Building
Storage Building
Military Use Building
Agriculture Buildings
Long Term Food Storage
Bunker Entrance
Up to 40 Feet Wide
4 to 12 Foot Pitch Roof
S ModelS ModelTwo Story Building
Large Garage
Multi Level Home
Backyard Shed
Residential Garage
10-50 Feet Wide
Q ModelQ ModelMilitary Buildings
Aircraft Hangars
Large Steel Structure
Agriculture Buildings
Long Term Food Storage
Bunker Entrance
20-70 Feet Wide

Prefab Metal Building Styles

Metal Buildings come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be customized to fit your needs.

Arched Metal Buildings

Quonset hut

Quonset Huts are great for home or business purposes. Great for storing farming equipment also. Very popular for your DIY owners on your property. Extreme versatility and and durable to all weather conditions. Enjoy the ease of assembly.

Framed Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings are an great solution for both residential, farming and commercial applications. Roofing styles include gable end or sloped roof . They are an economical option they will save you money and last you a lifetime.

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