What are Quonset Hut Buildings & Their Advantages?

Quonset Hut Buildings – For many years, Quonset hut buildings have been meeting the needs of small and large enterprises, military, farmers, and backyard hobbyists who are in constant search for economical, safe and dependable storage spaces.

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Quonset hut buildings, made from a steel alloy, are also known as arch steel buildings due to their dome-like shape. They provide a lot of advantages that no other prefabricated structure is offering – from affordability and low maintenance to the ability to stand up against heavy winds, snow, hurricanes and whatever Mother Nature throws at them. In fact, it is a preferred choice for many businesses, industries and families alike due to their ability to withstand even earthquakes.

Modern pre-engineered Quonset hut buildings combine centuries-old design with the latest high technology features and ease of construction. Since it does not require special tools, special skills, and large crews, they can be erected in just a couple of days. In fact, they appeal to Do-It-Yourselfers. Moreover, today’s Quonset hut buildings are made up of state-of-the-art materials to satisfy the needs of the most demanding costumers and based on architectural refinement for many decades.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the application of Quonset hut buildings. Whether you need more space for storage or want to retire to a more secure and low maintenance home that is aesthetically appealing, there is a prefabricated Quonset building kit that is just perfect for you.

With Quonset Hut Buildings, The Choices Are Yours To Make

Quonset hut buildings are manufactured in normally two-feet-wide sections. Hence, buyers are not limited to size, color, and even shape. You have all the liberty to design the space that is just right for you and your needs. You may totally decide on the following:

  • Cost – Blowing the budget out the back door is unnecessary just to have the space you need.
  • Style – Does it has arched or square sides?
  • Accessories including entry doors, skylights, windows, and sliding doors
  • Fronts and backs – Does your building need to fit in with the neighborhood?
  • Color – choose from a full spectrum of options
  • Total square foot – Width can range comfortably from 19 feet to 100 feet, while the length is endlessly expandable.

While you can have the option to enlist help from the general contractors to lay the foundation for your Quonset hut buildings, more than 75% of owners actually erect their own. Why? Simply because they can. All they need is a one-sized bolt to connect all the pieces together. When delivered to you, a complete set of detailed instructions comes with each building.

There is a long roster of Quonset hut buildings to choose from with detailed specifications. Hence, you can be assured that the space you get is of the highest quality at the lowest price possible.

Ease of Construction

To erect your own Quonset hut, all you need is a basic set of tools and a few helping hands, saving you thousands of dollars in labor cost. Moreover, everything you need to set it up is included in the kit, regardless of size or location. You may opt to do it yourself or enlist help from a local contractor to lay the foundation for you. Either way, you spend less money on more desired space when you go for Quonset huts.

Solid and Sturdy

Before purchasing Quonset hut buildings, it is necessary that you check with your local department the zoning requirements for erecting one. The least thing that you would want to end up with is building a structure that is not allowed in your neighborhood.

Quonset hut buildings are typically erected on top of a concrete slab with a thickness of up to 8 inches. Verify if your local building code may have different standards.

Nonetheless, when it comes to zoning, Quonset hut buildings appeal to many as they can be tailored to fit into any neighborhood. Hence, obtaining zoning approval for Quonsets is not necessarily a problem. Zoning professionals are in fact very much aware of the many benefits that pre-manufactured steel buildings provide, including its longevity due to its solid foundation.

Low maintenance

The galvanized steel make up of Quonset hut buildings make it easy to upkeep. There is no need to repaint the outside and to replace the roof. With its semi-circular shape, snow and rain just slide off.


Quonset hut buildings can be insulated against extreme winter weather. Researchers in Antarctica are in fact using this kind of metal structure. Hence, whatever you intend it for – be it for storing materials or a home, the interior is kept warm and snug.

Endless Possibilities

Quonset hut buildings have a wide range of applications as follows:

  • Comfortable home – you can have a living space erected in just a matter of days. All you need to do is add a loft, balconies, skylights, windows, dividers, and other accessories that will make it appear like a modern home.
  • Office or workshop – a Quonset hut is a preferred choice for budding entrepreneurs to set up their office and for the hobbyists to store their materials and enjoy their hobbies, from playing ping-pong to artworks.
  • Storage – Homeowners take advantage of the extra space that a Quonset hut provides. It is also ideal for storing mower and gardening gears.
  • Warehouse space – Quonset hut buildings are perfect for growing businesses on a tight budget. Its high vertical wall clearance allows more available space for storing goods and raw materials.
  • Vehicle storage – There is no limitation on what Quonset hut buildings can handle – from small boats to cars, from trailers to huge RVs, and from jets to airplanes. The sizes of the doors can be adjusted to fit your parking needs.
  • Barns – Quonsets are ideal for safekeeping of livestock and crops any time of the year.

Depending on the size and its intended uses, the price of Quonset hut buildings may range from $5,200 for a single car garage kit measuring 12’ x 12’ to as much as $43,000 for a large barn measuring 60’ x 100’.

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