Quonset hut house

Quonset Hut House: Modern Living Done Right

Quonset Hut House – The increasing prices of houses are prompting many people to consider cheaper alternatives, like Quonset hut homes. These structures get their name and signature dome-like shape from the fact that they were once used as airplane hangars in WWII. Nowadays, however, they’re becoming a more popular choice among those wanting to retire somewhere warmer without breaking the bank.

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A residential Quonset Hut house are lightweight, drafty military structures, semicircular made of corrugated galvanized steel. It was first used during World War II as a fast and easy-to-assemble housing solution for the military. Modeled after the British concept of the Nissen hut introduced in World War I, its application is now expanded to equipment storage both in agricultural and commercial settings. 

The name ‘Quonset hut’ is derived from the place where it was first manufactured – Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Hundreds of thousands of such steel structures were built during World War II, and the excess units were sold to the general public. Interestingly, for innovative would-be owners, the design freedom a Quonset hut offers has become more creative when building a residential Quonset hut home in these past few years. 

Quonset Hut Uses

It is a preferred choice for barns, garages, retail shops, warehouses with alot interior space, churches, aircraft hangars, storage buildings, Quonset home, and more. A residential Quonset Hut house, meanwhile, remains a popular option even today mainly because they are cheaper to build than any other type of home.


Quonset Hut house

Residential Quonset Huts come in two styles:

  • The ‘P’ Model Quonset is the most common style used for workshops, garages, and homes. Its pitched roof and straight walls appear more traditional than other Quonset huts like the cylindrical Q-Model Quonset hut type.
  • The ‘S’ Model Quonset has a stronger design than the ‘P’ model. Its domed roof and straight sidewalls make it a preferred choice for use as a workshop area or as a barn in areas with heavy snow and wind.

Both models are ideal for a residential Quonset Hut house because of their 100% livable space as a result of having straight sides. Moreover, they can be easily customized depending on your aesthetic requirements. The interior of the hut can be made of steel or hardy board and can be even finished with brick or stucco. 

Putting up a mezzanine type-second floor is also possible for a residential Quonset Hut house measuring over 30 feet in width. Windows can also be fitted with the end walls and skylight panels at the roof structure for extra natural light.

Benefits of having a Residential Quonset Hut House

Owning a Quonset Hut House has a lot of advantages, and a great deal of these are similar to what other steel structures could offer. In actuality, the only difference it has from a rigid-type building is the shape. It is arched, while rigid buildings are rectangular.

One-stop purchase

Except for the foundation, a residential Quonset home kit contains everything you need to erect the structure. Included in the kit are approximately 2 feet-wide main arch sections, end walls and all fastening screws.

The hut can be installed over an existing foundation by forming a U-shaped concrete channel or by using bolts. It can also be built on top of wooden or concrete sidewalls. Moreover, it does not require pouring a slab foundation.


End walls can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Moreover, a residential Quonset hut can be made in virtually any size. Its height, width, and length can be customized according to your preferences.

Maximum livable space

A residential Quonset hut has a wide open space as a result of the absence of interior structural supports such as posts and beams. Moreover, it has an open layout, which means there is no obstruction on the floor plan.


A residential Quonset hut is made from rust and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. It is sturdy and designed to withstand heavy winds, snow, hail, blizzard, earthquake, and whatever Mother nature throws at it. It was originally designed for robust applications.

Its angular sides and rounded roof enable air to pass quickly over the building, which in turn reduces the risk of structural leaning and wind damage. Its semicircular shape is also of an advantage as it enables structural stability without interior supports such as posts and beams.

Fire resistant

A residential Quonset hut can stand up to the fire. It can even have an interior blaze that could keep the fire from spreading. In general, it will take a lot of effort or force to permanently damage this type of structure.


There is an endless possibility of what you can add to a residential Quonset hut to make a comfortable living space. You may install air conditioning or heating, insulation, ventilation, lofts, partitions, and other creative techniques to make it feel like a traditional home.

Fast and easy to build

A residential Quonset hut can be assembled by at least four people in just a matter of days. It only requires basic tools and a little knowledge of carpentry. Once erected, maintenance is very minimal.


Because it is fast and easy to build, it goes without saying that a residential Quonset hut is truly affordable. Its cost is significantly lower than most other steel structures.

On average, a Quonset Hut House may cost between $1,500 and $15,000, depending on how large and elaborate you would want it to be. Medium to large Quonset buildings may cost $5,000 to $35,000. Buying a kit can save you even more.

A fully installed residential Quonset Hut house may cost $30,000 to $40,000. If you wish to enlist help from general contractors to lay the foundation for you, labor typically costs $1,500 to $3,000. Prices increases as you add more accessories to the hut.

Quonset Hut Home Kits

Quonset Huts are increasingly becoming popular with Do-It-Yourselfers for their many advantages. The corrugated arch-style structure has a British design dating back to World War I. Its name was derived from where it was first manufactured – the Quonset Point in Rhode Island during World War II. 

At that time the U.S. military needed lightweight and portable buildings that can be easily assembled without requiring special skills, tools, and labor. They found the Quonset hut home a perfect solution. Today, their applications were extended to storage, retail shops, garage, warehouse, and to residential buildings.

Quonset buildings are a perfect option for people wanting a carefree living. Its unique aesthetic also provides fashionable living space.

The Advantages of Quonset Hut Home Kits

Fast and easy to erect

Except for the foundation, Quonset homes have everything you need to erect your carefree residential building – two feet wide main arch sections, anchor bolts, end walls, and all the fastening screws.

They can be installed over an existing foundation through bolts or a U-shaped concrete channel formed as a footer. You may also opt to erect your structure on top of concrete or wooden sidewalls. Pouring a slab foundation is unnecessary.

A Quonset hut home can be assembled by at least four people in just a matter of days. It doesn’t need any additional or specialized tools or an expensive crew to erect it.

Secure, solid, and long-lasting

Quonset homes are made from galvanized steel that has a high resistance to rust and corrosion. Once installed, maintenance is zero to minimal.


End walls can be tailored on-site to meet your specific requirements. The design possibilities are enormous with a Quonset hut. To make glass areas more available, its frame can be exposed. Moreover, they are easily adaptable to a modern structure.

Owners may choose to install windows, skylight panels, mezzanine floors, and all other internal accessories such as heating equipment, electricity, and plumbing.

Withstand severe weather conditions

A Quonset hut has extreme structural integrity and is particularly designed to stand up against snow, wind, hail, and even hurricanes. quonset hut insulation

Wide usable space

Quonset homes have no post and beam to provide structural supports resulting in a clear-span interior with 100% usable space.

Fire resistant

Steel Quonset huts stand up well to fire. It even has an interior blaze that keeps the fire from spreading. It takes a lot of effort and factors to permanently damage a Quonset hut.


Owners can add up to their Quonset homes ventilation, electricity, insulation, heater, and air conditioner for a more comfortable living space.

How Much Do Quonset Homes Cost?

Prices of Quonset homes vary depending on what is included in the kits and the size of the structure. A typical small to the medium kit can cost around $1500 to $15,000. Other costs that may add up quickly to the total cost of ownership include delivery costs, job site location, and accessories.

Quonset homes are possible as a do-it-yourself project. Should you wish to enlist help from contractors in laying the foundation and doing the installation, the total cost may rise up to $3,000 to $25,000 more. Get Quotes to compare using our fast and easy quote form.

A Medium to large-scale Quonset house may cost somewhere between $5,000 to $35,000. This may increase to as much as $10,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on various factors mentioned above including labor costs. A complete and fully installed Quonset hut home can cost around $30,000 to $40,000.

How to Buy Quonset Hut Home Kits?

First up, evaluate why you want ti find Quonset hut home builders. This will help you in finding the right one based on your needs.

Secondly, learn about local regulations and zoning rules in your area. To avoid constructing a structure that is not allowed in your area, you need to know restrictions on the size and shape.

Third, search online for the best value deals for a Quonset hut. You may expand your search for companies offering Quonset huts for residential purposes.

Browse for information including the type, thickness of the steel, attachments, size, height, and other features affecting the construction. Browsing the web is a convenient way to look for architectural designs, cost estimates, and photographs for modern model Quonset.

Fourth, make a shortlist of prospective companies and weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Get a list of the companies which responded to your queries and compare the cost.

Check out customer feedback to have more informed knowledge about each company.

Lastly, perform an informed decision on where to buy a Quonset house. Carefully consider the price of the Quonset hut based on various factors.

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